Summer Program 2015

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Kenya June 21-July 5, 2015

  • Teacher development
  • Service Learning
  • Mission
  • Cultural Immersion

 Kenya 2015 Mission trip Cultural Immersion program flyer

Program Overview

The intent of this education abroad program is to provide participants with opportunities for international and multi-cultural experiences through immersion in Kenya’s world-renowned culture. Multiple opportunities for engagement will include joining local people on a community development project, community outreach activities, assisting in teaching at local primary schools, facilitating two, 2-day teacher development events and connecting with local people via a home stay program.

This program offers a comprehensive sampling of Kenyan culture and the vastness of its diversity. The program begins with pre-departure orientation sessions that will introduce participants to the nation of Kenya, its peoples, language, geography etc. in order to build some basic competencies.

Participants may depart from various international airports but will all converge in Amsterdam for the final flight to Nairobi, Kenya. Upon arrival in Nairobi, participants will experience a gradual introduction to Kenya through a guided exploration of the city and its many cultural, educational, historic and shopping attractions. We will be sure to visit the Bomas of Kenya mostly known for its non-stop traditional entertainment, and other spots while sampling local dishes.

Buckle up for a two-day tour across the Great Rift Valley filled with its volcanic features and breathtaking topography, and possibly Lake Nakuru with its pink flamingoes. We will have opportunities to experience shopping as a social/cultural experience by visiting various outlets on the way. Here, participants can purchase cultural artifacts and other items of interest as they learn how to barter and use their newly acquired local language skills. The excursion ends with a loop through Nyahururu to Naromoru village at the foot of Mt Kenya.

This next step marks the transition to the village, the beginning of the total cultural immersion program and the commencement of the community development activities and teacher development events. The group will be hosted in Kenyan homes at Mwichuiri village Naromoru, Central Kenya. This is an agricultural, rural community on the slopes of Mt. Kenya, about a three hour drive from Nairobi. The homes are in relative proximity and all breakfast and dinner meals will take place at the home of the host. Participants will participate in the daily life of the host family as much as possible. This is a prime opportunity to really get to know Kenyan people, right where they live.

Our community development project in the village will involve completing the construction of a small village medical clinic that is half way done. The project involves an intentional partnership with local people who will work side by side with the American group. Participation in this project provides an opportunity to cement bonds of cross-cultural friendship and understanding with Kenyans as wells as the chance to give back to the community that will have hosted the group for an entire week. For those talented in teaching there will be ample opportunity to interact with students and teachers inside and outside of the classroom. The community development project will commence alongside targeted community outreach programs and the Teacher Development conferences in the local town of Karatina and Weru town in Kinangop. Participants will be able to move into and out of various events to fully sample all of the program offerings.

The program will conclude with a three-day excursion to the Maasai Mara Game Reserve, located about 5 hours from Nairobi. This is a transnational vastness that stretches into Tanzania (where it changes its name to Serengeti) and home to the ageless Maasai people. Participants will take daily guided drives into animal territory to gain an appreciation for wildlife preservation and ecological practices. This Safari is planned to coincide with the annual wildebeest migration. To further enhance cultural study, participants will have optional opportunities to visit original Maasai villages.


Tentative Schedule for the Kenya Mission Trip/Cultural Immersion program

May June 21-July 5

Day Date Activity Notes
Sun 06/21 Departure
Mon 06/22 ArrivalLodge in Nairobi
Tue 06/23 City logisticsStart Rift Valley tourLunch at NaivashaLake Nakuru National ParkLodge in Nakuru  
Wed 06/24 Continue Rift Valley tour;Through Nyahururu; Lunch at Thompson Falls LodgeBegin Home stay
Thur 06/25 Teacher development conferenceClinic construction/Medical outreachPrograms at village schoolsContinue Home Stays
Fri 06/26 Clinic Construction/medical outreachPrograms at Village schoolsTeacher development conferenceContinue homestays
Sat 06/27 Clinic Construction /medical outreachDay with Host family/ Community outreach meetings
Sun 06/28 Day with Host families/ Community outreach meetings
Mon 06/29 Clinic Construction at Kambi/medical outreachProgram at village schoolsSchool visitsTeacher development program
Tue 06/30 Clinic Construction/medical outreachSchool visitsTeacher development program
Wed 07/1 Wrap up school visitsWrap up home stay programWrap up programs at schoolsDrive to NairobiLodge in Nairobi
Thu 07/2 Begin SafariDrive to Maasai MaraEvening Game DriveLodge in Maasai Mara Game Reserve
Fri 07/3 Continue SafariMorning Game driveRelax or visit Maasai Village on your own, (with a guide)Evening Game DriveLodge in Maasai Mara Game Reserve
Sat 07/4 Early morning Game DriveLunch enroute to NairobiDepart for US
Sun 07/5 Arrival



Notes and disclosures


This program is sponsored by the African International Foundation for Educational Excellence (AIFEE). While there is no program that can guarantee 100% safety for its participants, the program directors have engaged in extensive research and discussions on how to mitigate potential risks as identified by the State Department travel warning. The language of the Travel warning is quite comprehensive and identifies areas of potential risk. American citizens are particularly discouraged from visiting some of the more densely populated neighborhoods in Nairobi; to avoid any of the coastal counties, avoid night travel and to stay away from areas close to the Kenya-Somalia border. Travelers are also cautioned against taking part in political demonstrations and gathering in popular tourist spots which may become targets. This program will abide by these recommendations. The rest of the country has remained largely peaceful with no active conflict or civil war. Indeed, Kenya remains one of the most popular destinations in Africa and many colleges and universities in the US have active study abroad programs there. As a standard practice, and before departing the US, the program leaders will register each participant with the US Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya.


Payment information

To secure air ticket purchases, a $2000 deposit is required by January 15, with the rest of the funds due by March 30, 2015.

Please make your check payable to the African International Foundation for Educational Excellence (AIFEE) and mail to: P.O Box 3072, Carbondale, IL 62902.

Please note that most airlines do not refund unused or cancelled tickets and AIFEE is not able to pursue refund discussions with airlines. Participants are therefore encouraged to purchase travel insurance after tickets are purchased.


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