Strategic Goals

Strategic Goals

The Foundation will pursue a framework that will be guided by the following goals and objectives:

Need based Interventions

i.   Provide need based scholarships to secondary schools for students meeting set criteria

ii.  Provide assistance in facilities renovation and improvement

iii. Address or explore partnerships with like- minded organizations to address issues of health and wellness

Research and Assessment

i. Facilitate the focused inquiry into of specific problems relative to the goals of the Foundation

ii. Provide research based problem solving, evaluative and capacity building services

iii. Promote and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and skills

iv. Promote faculty/student exchange

Education and Training

i.  Develop educational and training materials for use with trainers at all levels

ii. Provide instructional supplies and equipment

iii. Provide topical professional development and training workshops to educators.

iv. Collaborate with relevant governmental and non- governmental agencies as appropriate to ensure integration of materials into educational and training curricula.

v. Facilitate the opening up of educational space nationally and internationally with the goal of creating a globally minded citizenly.

Community development and outreach

i. Work with community to address issues of need and poverty alleviation

ii. Develop community support groups to facilitate the goals of the Foundation

iii. Engage with community to identify needs and forge culturally relevant responses

iv. Engage with community to promote educational excellence.

v. Community partnership

Strategic Consultancy

i. Conduct comprehensive organizational performance and management audits

ii. Conduct, analyze and communicate all systems audits including personnel, equipment, etc

iii. Develop strategic plans to address challenges identified in above studies

iv.Undertake selective consultancy projects that support the furtherance of the mission of the Foundation.

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