AIFEE Signs MOU with Leading Kenyan University

I am pleased to update our friends and partners that this January, AIFEE has signed a formal Memorandum of Understanding with the leading private university in sub saharan Africa, Mt Kenya University.

Under this agreement, the two organizations have pledged to partner on:
1. Opportunities for service learning at MKU/AIFEE sites
2. Academic credit in various departments at MKU
3. Joint research, training and consultancies
4. Facilitation of faculty and student exchange
5. Facilitation of international partnerships
6. The preparation of joint proposals for external funding
7. Joint sponsorship of conferences
8. Joint publications
9. Exchange of materials, articles and other publications
10. Other such activities as may be mutually agreed upon.

AIFEE signs MOU with Mt Kenya University
AIFEE signs MOU with Mt Kenya University

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