Current AIFEE Projects

Providing secondary school scholarships for promising students

There are 5 rural primary schools currently being supported by AIFEE. Each of these schools has an average of 300 students. About 40 of these students will sit the Kenya Primary Examination at the end of each year. This examination determines who will proceed to Secondary school and who will not.

To proceed to a good Secondary school, a student must make 350/500 point after taking the national examination. The successful candidate must then be invited by the Secondary school. The student must then pay tuition and fees each term (there are 3 terms in each year). Failure to pay these fees will cause the student to be dropped, and his/her spot taken by other students.

The cost cost per term is about $150, meaning that a student has to raise about $450 per year to stay in school.

While AIFEE does not promise to foot the entire bill of the tuition and fee costs, a recognition that many of these families are totally destitute means that we must be willing and available to help. A copy of the scholarship application form is available on the web.

Wangechi Nyokabi Mwenda Mwangi Muthoni Murage Gichaga

Richard Mwangi Maureen Muthoni Kelvin Gichaga (3) Glory Kendi Christine Nyokabi

Providing school/community libraries with books and furniture

Dr Gitau has worked with four of the five schools under AIFEE to ensure that each one of them has a library facility. However, these facilities need chairs, desks, shelves and books. Each of these libraries is at a different stage of completion and AIFEE will ensure that the libraries become truly School/Community libraries.

Mwichuiri Primary School does not have a library yet, but has a classroom that can be refurbished into a library. This is a pressing project. Cost of physical renovations will be about $5,000

Donations of good readers, novels, magazines etc are acceptable. Because of shipping costs, donors may consider a cash gift to ensure that the materials can be purchase locally. A $5 gift will buy at least one book.


Supporting the annual Achieving Educational Excellence Conference

Professional development for teachers at the primary level is virtually absent in rural Kenya. AIFEE plans to conduct topical professional development sessions in conjunction with  the Ministry of Education. We need teams of qualified educators to travel on AIFEE programs to assist in the delivery of such sessions. A copy of the application form for professionals who wish to travel and assist is included here.

IMG_0056 - Copy IMG_0037 IMG_0018 - Copy IMG_0021 IMG_0025

Completing and equipping the Kambi Community Clinic

Our rural communities have multiple public health needs. AIFEE plans to

Provide assistance in nutrition for school aged children. This involves a meal of porridge in the morning, and a healthy mix of corn, beans and vegetables at lunch. Each school will develop a feeding initiative and AIFEE will come in as a partner and provide partial assistance.

None of the schools have hygienic toilets. This complicates efforts at public health. AIFEE would like to assist each school develop hygienic pit toilets that are not water dependent. The cost of completing one latrine is about $500. A set of 5 completed together will cost about $2000.

Health Clinics are virtually far and in between any of these communities. Dr Gitau and Dr Grace have already started efforts to build a clinic at Kambi to serve students and communities of Kambi area. The project is half-way done and requires another $7000 to be completed.

AIFEE plans to recruit personnel in the medical fields to travel periodically and conduct public health campaigns, health screenings and mobile clinics. Check on the upcoming trips tab to learn more about how you can participate.

Renovating one classroom per year

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