AIFEE Scholars Program

One of the flagship programs within AIFEE is the AIFEE Scholars Program. Under this program, AIFEE provides Secondary School Scholarship support to students from our AIFEE adopted schools as long as

1. They score a minimum of 350 points on the KCPE

2. Are invited to an academically sound, good performing public secondary school

3. Complete the appropriate application forms

4. Maintain a B Average for each term

5.  Continue to be in good academic and social standing


Please meet our newest 2017 AIFEE Scholar

  1. Patlize Wangui: 353 points. Patlize is the child of a single parent. her mother died when she was young and her Dad is a peasant farmer. But she is a hard worker and beat all odds to come out tops in her class. She has now been accepted into one of the best Secondary Schools in Kenya.



Please meet our newest 2014 AIFEE Scholars: From Left to Right and going down:

1.Martin Mwenda: Scored 375 points. Parents are peasant farmers. Comes from a large family and they all depend an a 1 acre farm.

2. Raphael Murage: Scored 351 pointts. Comes from a family of 5. They all depend on a 3/4 acre farm

3. Moureen Wangare: Scored 354 points. Mother is a single parent. She lives with an aging grandmother

4. Richard Wanjiku: Scored 367 points. He is raised by a single mother on a 1/2 plot of land

5. Kelvin Waruguru: Scored 365 Points. He lives with a grandmother and has absolutely no other source of help

6. Christine Wanjiku: Scored 356 points. She lives with a single mother in a one room rented apartment.

7. Rozina Njinu: Scored 357 points. She lives with aging grandparents and has no other source of support.

Gichaga Murage Muthoni Mwangi Mwenda Nyokabi Wangechi

AIFEE 2013 Scholars

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